ArthurEdits offers a range of editing tiers at low but competitive prices. Arthur will look over five pages of your manuscript at no charge and suggest what tier of editing would be best. ArthurEdits will work with you on the parameters of the editing, pricing, payments and form of payment. We collaborate, but the work remains yours. Also, economic times are tough on everyone, including authors. I will work with you on a reasonable payment plan if a one time payment stresses the budget.

Submitting a manuscript:

ArthurEdits will not accept first or rough drafts. All manuscripts must be scanned and edited first by the author or a beta reader.. at least once before submitted here. No partial or incomplete manuscripts.  The text must be formatted in Standard Manuscript Format, 12 point double spaced with 1" margins. Chapters and extra spacing or special styles should be clearly indicated.


 Tier One: Basic proofreading includes checking for grammatical errors, misspelled words, punctuation, tense and typos.

                   Rate: $2.00 per page

Tier Two: Line Editing includes Basic proofreading, plus looking for Point of View (headhopping), wordiness (overuse of a particular word, unnecessary words, etc.), clarity, consistency, continuity, and sentence structure.

                   Rate: $2.50 per page

Tier Three: In-depth Editing includes Basic proofreading, Line Editing and querying the author on plot holes, plot inconsistencies, questions about validity of facts (minimal fact checking) and other suggestions as found when editing.

                  Rate: $3.00 per page


Formatting for a specific publisher with any above Tier:  Add $.50 per page

Second edit: A once-over of the manuscript after the completed edit is returned to the author and rewrites are done. Rate: $1.00 per page

Special offers:

(For a limited time)----  Free first chapter edit for new customers, any Tier.

referral by an author I have edited will give that author 10% off their next edit

THE SMALL PRINT: ArthurEdits reserves the right of refusal on manuscripts regarding certain content, including violence or illicit activity towards children and animals.

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